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Image courtesy of Locus Architecture

Image courtesy of Locus Architecture

This spring, visitors to Lake Nokomis will get to enjoy some upgrades to the patio and covered seating area next to Sandcastle  that the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has planned with the help of Locus Architecture, the same firm that designed the remodel of the refectory building.  The improvements are being done to provide a patio and pavilion at the site, as requested by the Community Advisory Committee to provide a similar dining experience to what visitors enjoy at other popular park concession areas, such as Sea Salt and Tin Fish.  Restrooms are being modified to improve accessibility.  Another key piece of the site improvement plan is to reroute the walking path to improve traffic flow around the concession for runners and pedestrians not visiting Sandcastle.

“I’m really looking forward to experiencing the seating area that Locus has designed to complement their remodel of the refectory building. The first season was terrific, and I’m glad that Sandcastle and the public had an opportunity to provide feedback to the design team about what they’d like to see at the site after they’d used it for a season.”Steffanie Musich~ MPRB Commissioner District 5.

The design reflects the desire of many visitors to have more seating with views of the lake and the beach, and to preserve the shade provided by the surrounding trees as well as the vegetative buffer between developed space and the water.  Residents should note that these improvements do not replace the Master Planning process for the park which is due to get underway in 2014.

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Sandcastle‘s zero waste initative is one that the Community Advisory Committee was excited about and so are we! Let’s all do our part to help Courtney out, she’d much rather be taking your order than sorting your trash.


You’re done eating, now comes the time to clean up. What goes where? There are signs to help, but it’s easiest to remember cans and bottles go in the blue recycling bins; frozen treat wrappers go in the trash; metal baskets, knives, forks and spoons go in the tubs on the wooden racks and EVERYTHING else goes in the organic waste bins.


Frequently Asked Questions

My cup looks like it’s plastic, doesn’t it go in the recycling? Nope! The cups, lids and straws are all made out of corn starch, which allows them to be composted.

I can’t compost meat or anything with oils on it at home, shouldn’t the food scraps and soiled paper go in the trash? Nope! Industrial composting can handle meats, oils and anything else organic in composition. This means that frozen treat sticks are also compostable.


Everything pictured on this tray is compostable.

Are there any grab and go items that have compostable wrappers? Yes! The wrapper on your monkey bar? Biodegradable!

I know the green bins at Sandcastle are for organic waste, is that true of all the green bins in the park? Unfortunately, no. Only the green bins at Sandcastle (in the fenced area) are used to collect organic waste for composting.

Wondering about something else, or you’ve already asked the staff at Sandcastle, and want to share your knowledge? Submit questions and knowledge here:

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